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During the 2000s, BIM (Building Information Modelling) method gained a place in the Architecture. Today BIM has become a mandatory practice in public sectors in some countries, such as Great Britain, since 2011, and France, since 2017. According to this data it is predictable that BIM tools will replace traditional CAD tools almost entirely for the building construction sector. The presence of BIM has become unavoidable and undeniable, due to the functions of interdisciplinary collaboration and project management through all construction trades.


I offer BIM consulting services to Architect offices in Paris and Oporto:


1. BIM method implementation
1.1. Office auditing
1.2. Strategic and financial plan
1.3. Normalization of BIM Standards

2. Quality monitoring
2.1. IDM implementation
2.2. ISO 29481-1 / 29481-2

3. Technical Support
3.1. Customized Libraries and templates
3.2. Customized Plugins and automatized functions
3.3. 3D/4D Modeling of architectural projects with Revit