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amilcar ferreira architect

I am a young architect enthusiastic about new technologies, with a particular interest for the use of parametric tools in the process of architectural design.
I have vast experience as user, trainer and searcher, of several 3d modeling and parametric design tools as: Rhino, Grasshopper, Revit, SketchUp.
Therefore, I have a good overview on future drawing practices in architecture. I can be very flexible and use or recommend the most appropriate method or tool for each situation.


My professional goal is to study the process of creation in architecture in order to design parametric tools that are more user friendly. These tools are meant to optimize and enhance the process of creation, the harmony between the mind of the architect and his computer. This will contribute in inventing a new way of doing architecture, a way which is more fit to its context, more durable and more efficient. (research)

An article on "parameterization of the process of creation" will be available soon.
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